Beyond Business Insurance

Today's businesses must navigate uncertain waters. An effective risk management strategy needs a professional at the helm. Risk can lie unseen, just below the surface. We leave no ripple unchecked as we identify and quantify your risk. By proactively managing and reducing risk today, we guide our clients to a more secure tomorrow.

At Diversified Insurance Solutions, we focus on many industries and several niche classes of business. Our professionals are knowledgeable in their specific industries. To accomplish our goal of identifying risk and developing solutions to minimize it, we employ in-house risk management professionals with extensive insurance and industry experience.

In a sea of insurance options, we never leave you adrift. Our comprehensive strategies incorporate every element needed for success—from program design to coverage placement with an A-rated insurance company, to ensuring that your coverage can evolve along with your company. At Diversified you always enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your risks are covered, and your costs are controlled