Risk Management

Risk is an everyday business reality. At Diversified Insurance Solutions, we go beyond the everyday to create and implement exceptional, well-designed risk management, and loss control programs. By proactively managing and reducing risk today, we guide our clients to a more secure tomorrow.

Reduced Risk = Reduced Cost
This simple formula determines what you pay in insurance premiums. It is based on an analysis of your claims history, existing business exposures, and what is being done to reduce the possibility of future claims. Working as your partner, our in-house risk management professionals calculate your “risk profile”. We then develop a strategic plan that reduces your risk profile score and your overall future insurance costs.

Risk avoidance:
Avoiding a specific job or element of a job deemed too risky to accept
Risk transfer:
This shifts risk from one party to another, via conventional insurance or through contract indemnification
Risk abatement:
Risk abatement attempts to reduce loss potential and decrease loss frequency or severity
Risk allocation:
This is the sharing of financial risk with other parties, such as another firm, or the formation of a joint venture
Risk retention:
Used when it is unwise to transfer risk

Beyond Loss Control
Loss control is essential for effective risk management. Utilizing the proper techniques for your specific industry, our professionals identify and quantify your possible loss exposures. Some exposures can be as obvious as a fire hazard or vehicle collision. Other exposures may be as subtle as contract interpretation or tort liability. Still others can be as complex as OSHA and workers’ compensation compliance.

Our risk management specialists employ a client-focused approach to loss prevention which incorporates the following elements:

  • Loss Prevention
  • Loss Control
  • Loss Management
  • Risk Treatment
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